How to contribute to Apache Wicket

You can contribute to Apache Wicket in many ways, so join us and make Wicket better!

Ways to Contribute to Apache Wicket

A lot of work goes into maintaining a project like Wicket and we can use your help!

You can help us in many ways:

If you want to help out with one of our bugs or want to implement a feature, consider using our Github mirror.

Github Mirror for Easy Contributing

Wicket is mirrored on github so you can contribute with ease:

  1. Fork Wicket
  2. Implement your feature or fix the bug, and
  3. Send a pull request.

The Github/Apache integration will send the pull request to our contributors list, and we will look at your pull request as soon as we can.

Fork Wicket to your Account

So you have an account registered at Github and are ready to start hacking at Wicket. First you need to fork the code to your own Github account.

You can find the official mirror for the Apache Wicket project at the following location in the official Apache Software Foundation organisation at Github:

On this page you will find a button with the caption “Fork”. Click it or use the button below.

Fork us on github

Now you have your own copy of Wicket to hack on. You can edit directly in the Github web interface–good for minor fixes like documentation errors–or clone the project to your workstation.

Clone Wicket to your Workstation

You can use the tooling for Github to get a copy on your workstation or use the commandline:

$ git clone<your userid>/wicket.git

NB Ensure that you replace <your userid> with your actual Github user id, otherwise your clone command will fail.

This shell command will create a local checkout of the git repository. Now you can check out the correct branch.

Start with the Correct Branch

Wicket is developed in several version branches. Depending on what you want to work on you need to select the right one. The following table shows the corresponding branch for each Wicket version.

Wicket version Branch name Status
8.x master active
7.x wicket-7.x supported
6.x wicket-6.x security fixes only
1.5.x wicket-1.5.x discontinued
1.4.x wicket-1.4.x discontinued
1.3.x wicket-1.3.x discontinued
1.2.x wicket-1.2.x discontinued
1.1.x wicket-1.1.x discontinued
1.0.x wicket-1.0.x discontinued

If you want to work on Wicket 8, you need to check out the master branch.

If you want to work on Wicket 7, you need to check out the wicket-7.x branch.

When you are ready with your change you can ask us to review your changes and to integrate it into Wicket by creating a Pull Request.

Create a Pull Request

Make sure you have pushed your changes to your Github repository. To create a pull request on GitHub follow the instructions you can find here. Once you have finished to work on you pull request, send us an email using devs mailing list.

The Github–Apache integration will automatically send a message to the Wicket project that a new pull request is waiting for us.

Documentation for contributors

This section is particularly of interest for those who want to contribute to Wicket.

How to contribute

Here’s a list of documents that explain how you can best help the Wicket team:


Here’s a list of tasks that only committers can do:

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