Improve Wicket with fixes and new features!

So you have found a bug…

As developers we all strive to produce a flawless software. However, in the real world we might find that our code contains errors or bugs. Wicket like many other Apache projects uses JIRA to track bugs and new feature. If you think you have found a bug follow these simple steps before opening a new issue on JIRA:

  • Test the very last version of Wicket to see if the bug was already fixed

  • Search JIRA and the mailing list to see if it’s already been discussed

  • Simply ask to the devs mailing list if you are unsure.

Create and set an issue on JIRA

Either you have spotted a bug or you want to propose a new feature, the first thing to do is to create and set an issue on JIRA with the following steps:

  • Create a new JIRA issue. The issue might alredy exist if you have found a regression.

  • Write a short description of the issue. If this one is a bug, report the affected version as well.

  • Create a quickstart that you can use for prototyping the feature or demonstrating the bug.

Time for some coding

Wicket uses Git as versioning system, so you need to have it properly installed and configured to start work on Wicket code base. The main git repository is hosted on Apache git server but is mirrored on GitHub. To work on Wicket code you can decide to create a pull request forking the GitHub mirror or you can clone the official repository and generate a patch file.

NOTE: when you are working on Wicket code, please follow our code format rules. You can find them inside wicket-core module as Eclipse code formatter profile.

NOTE: when you are using Eclipse IDE, please ensure that you have installed “M2E Settings” from the Eclipse Marketplace in addition to the format rules.

Create a pull request

To create a pull request on GitHub follow the instructions you can find here. Once you have finished to work on you pull request, send us an email using devs mailing list.

All Pull Requests are automatically tested at Github Actions on AMD64 and at TravisCI on ARM64 platform.

Create a patch

If you prefer to work on our main repository, clone it with Git and when you have finished your work create a patch with the following commands:

git add any_files_you_created_modified_or_deleted
git diff --cached > /tmp/WICKET-NNNN.patch

where NNNN is the issue number. Finally, attach that file (/tmp/WICKET-NNNN.patch) to the JIRA