Submit a patch

TODO: this is just a set of basic instructions. We need to add more information here.

High level:

The steps to submitting a patch for Wicket are:

  • Identify an issue that you want to fix or improve
  • Search JIRA and the mailing list to see if it’s already been discussed
  • If it’s a bug or a feature request, open a JIRA issue
  • Create a quickstart that you can use for prototyping the feature or demonstrating the bug
  • Attach this quickstart to the JIRA issue if it’s representing a bug report.
  • Get Git running
  • Checkout out the code
  • Make your changes
  • Create the patch:
git add any_files_you_created_modified_or_deleted
git diff --cached > /tmp/fix-WICKET-NNNN.patch
  • Attach that file (/tmp/fix-WICKET-NNNN.patch) to the JIRA