Stay in touch with the other Wicketers around the world

During the last years a large and active community has grown around Wicket. Here you can find what it can offer you and how to join it.

GitHub repository

Wicket is built by developers for developers. If you want to contribute with new features, patches or any other kind of code, you can use our mirror repository on GitHub. You can find more details here.

Twitter account

Stay up-to-date with the last news from the Wicket universe following our official account. You will also find which sites are running on top of Wicket and other useful informations.

WicketStuff project

WicketStuff is an umbrella project that gathers many other community-provided sub-projects offering many functionalities spanning from integration with popular JavaScript frameworks (like TinyMCE, FoundationJS, etc…) to advanched features such as async tasks execution or RESTFull appliactions. An overview of the available sub-projects can be found here.

Wicket-Bootstrap project

Wicket-Bootstrap is a full-fledged project that provides integration between Wicket and the popular CSS and JS framework. The project site offers a complete showcase of the available features.

Wicket JQuery-UI integration

Wicket JQuery-UI integration provides full integration between Wicket and JQuery UI with many great-looking widgets ready to be used in your application.

Wicket Spring Boot integration

Wicket Spring Boot makes it easy to create a Wicket applications with a minimum of configuration effort. It uses Spring Boot to autoconfigure Wickets core and its extension (like WicketStuff, BeanValidation, etc…).

Tumblr account

You can show everyone what you have done with Wicket posting a screenshot at our Tumblr account