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Enjoying Web Development with Wicket is written by Kent Tong and is self published.


If you’d like to create AJAX web-based applications easily, then this book is for you. More importantly, it shows you how to do that with joy and feel good about your own work! You don’t need to know servlet or JSP while your productivity will be much higher than using servlet or JSP directly. This is possible because we’re going to use a library called Wicket that makes complicated stuff simple and elegant.

How does it do that? First, it allows the web designer to work on the static contents and design of a page while allowing the developer to work on the dynamic contents of that page without stepping on each other’s toes; Second, it allows developers to work with high level concepts such as objects and properties instead of HTTP URLs, query parameters or HTML string values; Third, it comes with powerful components such as calendar, tree and data grid and it allows you to create your own components for reuse in your own project.

However, don’t take our word for it! This book will quickly walk you through real world use cases to show you how to use Wicket and leave it up to you to judge.

About the author

Kent Ka Iok Tong is the manager of the IT department of the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center. With a Master degree in Computer Science from the New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia and having won the “Macao Programming Competition (Open Category)” in 1992, Mr. Tong has been involved in professional software development, training and project management since 1993. He is the author of several popular books on web technologies including Developing Web Services with Apache CXF and Axis2. He has also created an open source project “Wicket Page Test” for unit testing Wicket pages.

Book details

Title Enjoying Web Development with Wicket (2nd edition)
Author Kent Tong
Version covered Wicket 1.4
URL Enjoying Web Development with Wicket
Paperback ~358 pages
Date April, 2010
Language English
ISBN-10 0557522463
ISBN-13 978-0557522460
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