Apache Wicket 7.0.0-M3 released

23 Aug 2014

We have released the third of a series of milestone releases for Apache Wicket 7. We aim to finalise Wicket 7 over the coming months and request your help in testing the new major version.


It is still a development version so expect minor API breaks to happen over the course of the coming milestone releases.

Semantic versioning

As we adopted semver Wicket 7 will be the first release since 6.0 where we are able to refactor the API. We will continue to use semver when we have made Wicket 7 final and maintain api compatibility between minor versions of Wicket 7.


Wicket 7 requires the following:

  • Java 7
  • Servlet 3 compatible container

You can’t mix wicket libraries from prior Wicket versions with Wicket 7.

Migration guide

As usual we have a migration guide available online for people migrating their applications to Wicket 7. We will continue to update the guide as development progresses. If you find something that is not in the guide, please update the guide, or let us know so we can update the guide.

Using this release

This is pre-release software: use at your own peril!

With Apache Maven update your dependency to (and don’t forget to update any other dependencies on Wicket projects to the same version):


Or download and build the distribution yourself, or use our convenience binary package

Have fun and let us know what you think!