Apache Wicket 6.12.0 released

01 Nov 2013

The Apache Wicket PMC is proud to announce Apache Wicket 6.12.0!

This release marks the twelfth minor release of Wicket 6. Starting with Wicket 6 we use semantic versioning for the future development of Wicket, and as such no API breaks are present in this release compared to 6.0.0.

New and noteworthy

This release fixes 16 bugs and adds the following improvements:

  • Support MultiFileUploadField in FormTester
  • Add support for parsing IE 11 user agent
  • Log the exception if the application cannot start properly
  • Add Wicket.Event.unsubscribe method
  • Allow form components to trim the input themselves
  • Allow DebugBar contributors to be removed
  • Session management doesn’t work with Jetty’s JDBCSessionManager
  • HeaderItem to be Serializable

JQuery update in 6.9.0

As of Wicket 6.9 we ship JQuery 1.10.1. The JQuery project has decided to remove deprecated APIs from their codebase from JQuery 1.9 and up. This means that JQuery plugins using these deprecated APIs no longer work. See the JQuery migration guide for more information, available from http://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/1.9/

If your application depends on these deprecated APIs you can easily downgrade to JQuery 1.8.3-the previously provided JQuery that still contains these APIs. Download the 1.8.3 release of jquery and add it to your project in its application’s init method:

 protected void init() {

CDI injection issue

In the CDI releases of Weld 2.0.1 and prior, it was assumed that injection in anonymous inner classes was not legal and when attempted, it resulted in an exception:

Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DefinitionException:
WELD-000070 Simple bean [EnhancedAnnotatedTypeImpl] private class
com.example.HomePage$AForm cannot be a non-static inner class

This was reported as WICKET-5226, as it became an issue in Glassfish 4, which ships with Weld 2.0.1 (or earlier). We implemented a fix for this particular issue by not injecting into anonymous inner classes.

Unfortunately this was not a bug that needed fixing on our part, but rather in the Weld framework (see WELD-1441)

Therefore we reverted the commits done for WICKET-5226 and hope that Glassfish will upgrade their Weld implementation soon. For the whole story read WICKET-5264

Glassfish has fixed this in trunk according to GLASSFISH-20619 but the fix has yet to be integrated into a release.

Using this release

With Apache Maven update your dependency to (and don’t forget to update any other dependencies on Wicket projects to the same version):


Or download and build the distribution yourself, or use our convenience binary package

Upgrading from earlier versions

If you upgrade from 6.y.z this release is a drop in replacement. If you come from a version prior to 6.0.0, please read our Wicket 6 migration guide found at

Have fun!

— The Wicket team

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 6.12.0


  • WICKET-4862 - AjaxPagingNavigationLink and AjaxPagingNavigationIncrementLink output inline onclick attributes in addition to Wicket.Ajax.ajax event registration
  • WICKET-5101 - Could not open second modal window after closing first
  • WICKET-5356 - AutoCompleteSettings.setShowListOnEmptyInput(true) is not working anymore
  • WICKET-5359 - org.apache.wicket.util.string.StringValue#equals broken
  • WICKET-5366 - ResourceAggregator looses information about priority/filtering/… when using a bundle
  • WICKET-5369 - Can’t set a cookie using CookieUtils during an ajax request due to java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.wicket.ajax.AbstractAjaxResponse$AjaxResponse cannot be cast to org.apache.wicket.request.http.WebResponse
  • WICKET-5374 - SourcesPage fails on resources with non-ASCII characters
  • WICKET-5375 - Improve ConcatBundleResource error handling when a resource is missing
  • WICKET-5378 - AutoCompleteTextField inside a ModalWindow shows auto complete dropdown in the wrong location
  • WICKET-5379 - IE7: AutoCompleteTextField inside a ModalWindow shows auto complete dropdown behind ModalWindow
  • WICKET-5380 - Wicket rebinds the SessionEntry session attribute and this causes problems in Glassfish
  • WICKET-5382 - AutoComplete JavaScript errors
  • WICKET-5385 - wicket-bean-validation PropertyValidator_fr.properties.xml : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException
  • WICKET-5386 - ChainingModel should not check if the modelObject given as argument is null
  • WICKET-5397 - target.prependJavaScript and JQuery-Animation in IE8
  • WICKET-5398 - XmlPullParser fails to properly parse from String with encoding declaration


  • WICKET-5346 - Support MultiFileUploadField in FormTester
  • WICKET-5362 - Add support for parsing IE 11 user agent
  • WICKET-5376 - Log the exception if the application cannot start properly
  • WICKET-5381 - Add Wicket.Event.unsubscribe method
  • WICKET-5384 - Allow form components to trim the input themselves
  • WICKET-5388 - Allow DebugBar contributors to be removed
  • WICKET-5390 - Session management doesn’t work with Jetty’s JDBCSessionManager
  • WICKET-5395 - HeaderItem to be Serializable


  • WICKET-5393 - Remove ‘final’ from InlineFrame#onComponentTag()