Wicket 1.4.9 released

24 May 2010

This is the ninth maintenance release of the 1.4.x series and brings over fifteen bug fixes and improvements.


It is worth noting that WICKET-2846 will be reverted in the next release because the community has shown a preference for this. So, it would be wise not to take advantage of the InheritableThreadLocal that was put into version 1.4.9.

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 1.4.9


  • WICKET-2741 - non-performant Collections.synchronizedMap() should be replaced with ConcurrentMap
  • WICKET-2843 - Palette is incompatible with ListMultipleChoice in its use of the model
  • WICKET-2853 - ListMultipleChoice/CheckBoxMultipleChoice do not retain selected but disabled items
  • WICKET-2856 - PackageStringResourceLoader.loadStringResource() causes NullPointerException when used in a Class within the root package (i.e. it has no package declaration)
  • WICKET-2858 - WicketSessionFilter: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument application can not be null
  • WICKET-2859 - Wrong package names in Examples
  • WICKET-2860 - Wrong name for swiss Application.properties
  • WICKET-2861 - getConvertedInput() returns null and selectedValues.addAll tries adding it


  • WICKET-2790 - wicketTester.executeAjaxEvent method does not check if form is multiPart
  • WICKET-2840 - Remove final on AbstractRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy#getMountPath()
  • WICKET-2846 - Store Application in InheritableThreadLocal instead of ThreadLocal
  • WICKET-2855 - Constructor of RedirectRequestTarget does not validate URL
  • WICKET-2869 - RangeValidator should use getMinimum and getMaximum
  • WICKET-2870 - Fix hungarian translation for Wizard
  • WICKET-2879 - delegate isVisible in PanelCachingTab