Thorough use of open source Web application development Wicket

** NB. ** This page has been automatically translated as the Wicket developers are unable to speak or read Japanese. Better translations are welcome!

This is the only book in Japanese covering Apache Wicket. It discusses Wicket 1.4.


After all just Java and HTML. To complex applications using Ajax, XML created without light. Recover the object-oriented server-side. Apache Wicket 1.4-RC2 support.

About the author

Yano Tsutomu Born in Osaka in 1973. He joined the system development company, is currently working as a freelance programmer and retired. In 2008 Wicket User Group “Wicket-ja” up and, to the present (this data is published at the time was that this book was published.)

Book details

Paperback: 431 pages Publisher: Hidekazu system (2009/03) ISBN-10: 4798022217 ISBN-13: 978-4798022215 Release Date: 2009/03