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Pro Wicket, written by by Karthik Gurumurthy, is the first book about Wicket, and covers Wicket 1.2. It was published by Apress in September 2006.


Wicket is an open source, component-oriented (POJOs-based), lightweight Java web application development framework that brings the Java Swing event-based programming model to web development. Wicket pages can be mocked up, previewed, and later revised using standard WYSIWYG HTML design tools.

Wicket provides stateful components, thereby improving productivity. It has an architecture and rich component suite that aims to bring back the object orientation and, more importantly, the fun that is missing from the Java web development space. With the impending 1.2 release, Wicket is set for wider adoption.

Pro Wicket gets you up and running quickly with this framework. You’ll learn how to configure Wicket, then gradually gain exposure to the “Wicket way” of addressing web development requirements. You’ll want to pick up a copy because it

Is the first book to cover the Wicket framework with Spring integration and Ajax features Demonstrates all major wicket capabilities through simple examples Covers important aspects like Wicket-Spring integration and Ajax support

About the author

Karthik Gurumurthy has been associated with the IT industry for more than six years now and has employed open source libraries to solve business problems. Karthik also has the experience of having documented a popular open source project: XDoclet2. He has been having a great time with Wicket since day one of adoption and would like to let others know how Wicket succeeds in bringing back the fun that has been missing in the Java web development space. He also contributed to the Wicket project through the Wicket-Spring integration module using Jakarta Commons Attributes.

Book details

Title Pro Wicket Author Karthik Gurumurthy Version covered Wicket 1.2 URL Pro Wicket Hardcover 328 pages Publisher Apress Date September 7, 2006 Language English ISBN-10 1590597222 ISBN-13 978-1590597224 Buy Amazon Apress