Package org.apache.wicket.validation

This package provides interfaces for Wicket's validation support.


Interface Summary
IErrorMessageSource Interface representing a message source that stores messages by key and can perform variable substitution.
INullAcceptingValidator<T> Marker interface for validators that will accept a null value.
IValidatable<T> Interface representing any object that can be validated.
IValidationError Interface representing a validation error.
IValidator<T> Interface representing a validator that can validate an IValidatable object.

Class Summary
CompoundValidator<T> A compound IValidator.
Validatable<T> This implementation of IValidatable is meant to be used outside of Wicket.
ValidationError A versatile implementation of IValidationError that supports message resolution from IErrorMessageSource, default message (if none of the keys matched), and variable substitution.
ValidatorAdapter<T> Adapts IValidator to Behavior

Package org.apache.wicket.validation Description

This package provides interfaces for Wicket's validation support.

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