Input/Output utilities.


Interface Summary
DeferredFileOutputStream.FileFactory The file factory for this deferred file output stream.

Class Summary
ByteArrayOutputStream This class implements an output stream in which the data is written into a byte array.
ByteCountingOutputStream Output stream that counts bytes written to it (but discards them).
Connections URLConnection related utilities
DeferredFileOutputStream An output stream which will retain data in memory until a specified threshold is reached, and only then commit it to disk.
FullyBufferedReader This is not a reader like e.g.
IOUtils General IO Stream manipulation.
SerializableChecker Utility class that analyzes objects for non-serializable nodes.
Streams Utilities methods for working with input and output streams.
ThresholdingOutputStream An output stream which triggers an event when a specified number of bytes of data have been written to it.
XmlReader This is a simple XmlReader.

Exception Summary
SerializableChecker.WicketNotSerializableException Exception that is thrown when a non-serializable object was found.

Package Description

Input/Output utilities. ByteArrayOutputStream, DeferredFileOutputStream, FileCleaner, ThresholdingOutputStream and IOUtils are copied from the Apache Jakarta Commons IO project (version 1.0). They are used by upload functions.

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