Uses of Class

Packages that use File
org.apache.wicket.util.file File utilities. 
org.apache.wicket.util.resource Base support for resources. 
org.apache.wicket.util.tester A package with utility classes to ease unit testing of Wicket applications without the need for a servlet container. 

Uses of File in org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.mock

Methods in org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.mock with parameters of type File
 void MockHttpServletRequest.addFile(java.lang.String fieldName, File file, java.lang.String contentType)
          Add an uploaded file to the request.

Uses of File in org.apache.wicket.util.file

Subclasses of File in org.apache.wicket.util.file
 class Folder
          This folder subclass provides some type safety and extensibility for "files" that hold other files.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.file that return File
 File File.file(java.lang.String name)
 File[] Folder.getFiles()
 File[] Folder.getFiles(Folder.FileFilter filter)
 File[] Folder.getNestedFiles()
 File[] Folder.getNestedFiles(Folder.FileFilter filter)
          Gets files in this folder matching a given filter recursively.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.file with parameters of type File
 boolean Folder.FileFilter.accept(File file)
 int File.write(File file)
          Writes the given file to this one

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.file with parameters of type File
File(File parent, java.lang.String child)

Uses of File in org.apache.wicket.util.resource

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.resource that return File
 File FileResourceStream.getFile()

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.resource with parameters of type File
FileResourceStream(File file)
ZipResourceStream(File dir)
ZipResourceStream(File dir, boolean recursive)

Uses of File in org.apache.wicket.util.tester

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.tester with parameters of type File
 FormTester FormTester.setFile(java.lang.String formComponentId, File file, java.lang.String contentType)
          Sets the File on a FileUploadField.

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