Package org.apache.wicket.util.crypt

Encryption support for forms.


Interface Summary
ICrypt Encryption and decryption implementations are accessed through this interface.
ICryptFactory Interface used to generate crypt objects

Class Summary
AbstractCrypt Abstract base class for JCE based ICrypt implementations.
Base64 Provides Base64 encoding and decoding with URL and filename safe alphabet as defined by RFC 3548, section 4.
CachingSunJceCryptFactory Default crypt factory.
CharEncoding Character encoding names required of every implementation of the Java platform.
ClassCryptFactory Crypt factory that creates the ICrypt object by instantiating a provided class.
CryptFactoryCachingDecorator ICryptFactory decorator that caches the call to ICryptFactory.newCrypt()
KeyInSessionSunJceCryptFactory Crypt factory that produces SunJceCrypt instances based on http session-specific encryption key.
NoCrypt Due to legal reasons in some countries the JRE is shipped without a security provider.
NoCryptFactory Crypt factory implementation for noop NoCrypt class
StringUtils Converts String to and from bytes using the encodings required by the Java specification.
SunJceCrypt Provide some simple means to encrypt and decrypt strings such as passwords.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.crypt Description

Encryption support for forms.

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