Uses of Interface

Packages that use IConverter
org.apache.wicket The core Wicket package. 
org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form HTML Forms and form components. 
org.apache.wicket.util.convert Conversion support. 
org.apache.wicket.util.convert.converter Default converter implementations. 
org.apache.wicket.util.string.interpolator Support for String-variable interpolation. 

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket

Methods in org.apache.wicket that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
ConverterLocator.get(java.lang.Class<C> c)
          Gets the type converter that is registered for class c.
<C> IConverter<C>
IConverterLocator.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Returns the Converter for the class that is given.
<C> IConverter<C>
ConverterLocator.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Converts the given value to class c.
<C> IConverter<C>
Component.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Gets the converter that should be used by this component.
 IConverter<?> ConverterLocator.remove(java.lang.Class<?> c)
          Removes the type converter currently registered for class c.
 IConverter<?> ConverterLocator.set(java.lang.Class<?> c, IConverter<?> converter)
          Registers a converter for use with class c.

Methods in org.apache.wicket with parameters of type IConverter
 IConverter<?> ConverterLocator.set(java.lang.Class<?> c, IConverter<?> converter)
          Registers a converter for use with class c.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.datetime

Classes in org.apache.wicket.datetime that implement IConverter
 class PatternDateConverter
          Date converter that uses Joda Time and can be configured to take the time zone difference between clients and server into account.
 class StyleDateConverter
          Date converter that uses Joda Time and can be configured to take the time zone difference between clients and server into account, and that is configured for a certain date style.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.datetime.markup.html.basic

Methods in org.apache.wicket.datetime.markup.html.basic that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
DateLabel.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> clazz)
          Returns the specialized converter.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.datetime.markup.html.form

Methods in org.apache.wicket.datetime.markup.html.form that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
DateTextField.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> clazz)

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.extensions.ajax.markup.html

Methods in org.apache.wicket.extensions.ajax.markup.html that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
AjaxEditableLabel.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Implementation that returns null by default (panels don't typically need converters anyway).

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.form

Methods in org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.form that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
DateTextField.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Returns the default converter if created without pattern; otherwise it returns a pattern-specific converter.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tree.table

Methods in org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tree.table that return IConverter
 IConverter<T> AbstractPropertyColumn.getConverter()
          Returns the converter or null if no converter is specified.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tree.table with parameters of type IConverter
 void AbstractPropertyColumn.setConverter(IConverter<T> converter)
          By default the property is converted to string using toString method.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form

Methods in org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
CheckBox.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Final because we made FormComponent.convertInput() final and it no longer delegates to CheckBox.getConverter(Class)

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.util.convert

Classes in org.apache.wicket.util.convert that implement IConverter
 class MaskConverter<C>
          A converter that takes a mask into account.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.convert that return IConverter
 IConverter<?> ConversionException.getConverter()
          Gets the used converter.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.convert with parameters of type IConverter
 ConversionException ConversionException.setConverter(IConverter<?> converter)
          Sets the used converter.

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.util.convert.converter

Classes in org.apache.wicket.util.convert.converter that implement IConverter
 class AbstractConverter<C>
          Base class for locale aware type converters.
 class AbstractDecimalConverter<N extends Number>
          Base class for all number converters.
 class AbstractIntegerConverter<I extends Number>
          Base class for all number converters.
 class AbstractNumberConverter<N extends Number>
          Base class for all number converters.
 class BigDecimalConverter
          BigDecimal converter see IConverter
 class BooleanConverter
          Converts from Object to Boolean.
 class ByteConverter
          Converts from Object to Byte.
 class CalendarConverter
          Converts to Calendar.
 class CharacterConverter
          Converts from Object to Character.
 class DateConverter
          Converts from Object to Date.
 class DoubleConverter
          Converts from Object to Double.
 class FloatConverter
          Converts from Object to Float.
 class IntegerConverter
          Converts from Object to Integer.
 class LongConverter
          Converts from Object to Long.
 class ShortConverter
          Converts from Object to Short.
 class SqlDateConverter
          Converts to Date.
 class SqlTimeConverter
          Converts to Time.
 class SqlTimestampConverter
          Converts to Timestamp.
 class ZeroPaddingIntegerConverter
          Converts from Object to Integer, adding zero-padding.

Fields in org.apache.wicket.util.convert.converter declared as IConverter
static IConverter<java.lang.Short> ShortConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a short converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Long> LongConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a long converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Integer> IntegerConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a integer converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Float> FloatConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a float converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Double> DoubleConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a double converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Character> CharacterConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a character converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Byte> ByteConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a byte converter
static IConverter<java.lang.Boolean> BooleanConverter.INSTANCE
          The singleton instance for a boolean converter

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.convert.converter with parameters of type IConverter
CalendarConverter(IConverter<java.util.Date> dateConverter)

Uses of IConverter in org.apache.wicket.util.string.interpolator

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.string.interpolator that return IConverter
<C> IConverter<C>
PropertyVariableInterpolator.getConverter(java.lang.Class<C> type)
          Returns the Converter for the class that is given.

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