Package org.apache.wicket.settings

Interface Summary
IApplicationSettings Settings interface for application settings.
IDebugSettings Settings interface for various debug settings
IExceptionSettings Settings interface for configuring exception handling related settings.
IFrameworkSettings Framework settings for retrieving and configuring framework settings.
IMarkupSettings Interface for markup related settings.
IPageSettings Interface for page related settings.
IRequestCycleSettings Interface for request related settings
IResourceSettings Interface for resource related settings
ISecuritySettings Interface for security related settings
ISessionSettings Interface for session related settings
IStoreSettings An interface for settings related to the the storages where page instances are persisted - IPageStore, IDataStore and IPageManager.

Class Summary
IExceptionSettings.UnexpectedExceptionDisplay Enumerated type for different ways of displaying unexpected exceptions.

Enum Summary
IExceptionSettings.AjaxErrorStrategy How to handle errors while processing an Ajax request
IRequestCycleSettings.RenderStrategy Enum type for different render strategies

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