Package org.apache.wicket.resource

Locale aware resouce loaders.


Interface Summary
IPropertiesChangeListener To be implemented by listeners interested in PropertiesFactory events fired after a change to the properties has been detected
IPropertiesFactory Implementations are responsible for locating Properties objects, which are a thin wrapper around ValueMap and is used to locate localized messages.
IPropertiesFactoryContext environment required for properties factory
IPropertiesLoader Property loaders as used by PropertiesFactory to load properties
ITextResourceCompressor Allow for different implementations of a text compressor

Class Summary
IsoPropertiesFilePropertiesLoader Load properties from properties file.
NoOpTextCompressor A no-op text compressor
Properties Kind of like java.util.Properties but based on Wicket's ValueMap and thus benefiting from all its nice build-in type converters and without parent properties.
PropertiesFactory Default implementation of IPropertiesFactory which uses the IResourceStreamLocator as defined by IPropertiesFactoryContext.getResourceStreamLocator() to load the Properties objects.
ResourceUtil Utilities for resources.
TextTemplateResourceReference A class which adapts a PackageTextTemplate to a ResourceReference.
UtfPropertiesFilePropertiesLoader Load properties from properties file via a Reader, which allows to provide the charset and thus the encoding can be different than ISO 8859-1.
XmlFilePropertiesLoader Load properties from XML file

Package org.apache.wicket.resource Description

Locale aware resouce loaders.

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