Package org.apache.wicket.request.resource

Interface Summary
IResource Resource is an object capable of writing output to response.

Class Summary
AbstractResource Convenience resource implementation.
AbstractResource.ResourceResponse Represents data used to configure response and write resource data.
AbstractResource.WriteCallback Callback invoked when resource data needs to be written to response.
ByteArrayResource An IResource for byte arrays.
ContextRelativeResource Resource served from a file relative to the context root.
CssPackageResource Package resource for css files.
CssResourceReference Static resource reference for css resources.
DynamicImageResource Base class for dynamically generated ImageResources.
IResource.Attributes Attributes that are provided to resource in the IResource.respond(Attributes) method.
JavaScriptPackageResource Package resource for javascript files.
JavaScriptResourceReference Static resource reference for javascript resources.
MetaInfStaticResourceReference Resource reference for static files.
PackageResource Represents a localizable static resource.
PackageResourceReference TODO javadoc
ResourceReference Reference to a resource.
ResourceReference.Key A (re-usable) data store for all relevant ResourceReference data
ResourceReferenceRegistry Allows to register and lookup ResourceReferences per Application.
ResourceStreamResource TODO javadoc
SharedResourceReference A ResourceReference which should be used to lookup a IResource from the globally registered ones (also known as application shared resources).

Enum Summary
ContentDisposition Represents content disposition of a resource

Exception Summary
PackageResource.PackageResourceBlockedException Exception thrown when the creation of a package resource is not allowed.

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