Package org.apache.wicket.request.resource.caching.version

Interface Summary
IResourceVersion Provides a version string for a cacheable resource specified by IStaticCacheableResource

the version string will be used as a distinguishing mark when rendering resources


Class Summary
CachingResourceVersion Caches the results of a delegating IResourceVersion instance in a member variable.
LastModifiedResourceVersion Uses the last modified timestamp of a IStaticCacheableResource converted to milliseconds as a version string.
MessageDigestResourceVersion computes the message digest of a IStaticCacheableResource and uses it as a version string

you can use any message digest algorithm that can be retrieved by Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) on your current platform.

RequestCycleCachedResourceVersion Caches the results of a delegating IResourceVersion instance for the lifetime of the current http request.
StaticResourceVersion provides a static version string for all package resources

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