Package org.apache.wicket.request.resource.caching

Interface Summary
IResourceCachingStrategy caching strategy for cacheable resources

it can add and remove caching information to the filename and query string parameters of the requested resource to control caches in the browser and on the internet.

IStaticCacheableResource static resource which does not change for the lifetime of the application and should be considered a candidate for long-term caching.

Class Summary
FilenameWithVersionResourceCachingStrategy resource caching strategy that adds a version for the requested resource to the filename.
NoOpResourceCachingStrategy resource caching strategy that does nothing at all

when using this strategy caching of resources will effectively be disabled

QueryStringWithVersionResourceCachingStrategy resource caching strategy that adds a version string to the query parameters of the resource (this is similar to how wicket 1.4 does it when enabling timestamps on resources).
ResourceUrl Url view given to the IResourceCachingStrategy to manipulate

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