Package org.apache.wicket.request.mapper

Interface Summary
ICompoundRequestMapper Mapper that delegates the mapping to a contained IRequestMappers with the highest compatibility score.
IMapperContext Utility interface for providing and creating new page instances.
IPageSource Interface for objects that are capable of getting and creating page instance.

Class Summary
AbstractBookmarkableMapper Abstract encoder for Bookmarkable, Hybrid and BookmarkableListenerInterface URLs.
AbstractBookmarkableMapper.UrlInfo Represents information stored in URL.
AbstractComponentMapper Convenience class for implementing page/components related encoders.
AbstractResourceReferenceMapper Base class for encoding and decoding ResourceReferences
BookmarkableMapper Decodes and encodes the following URLs:
BufferedResponseMapper Encoder that intercepts requests for which there is already stored buffer with rendered data.
CompoundRequestMapper Thread safe compound IRequestMapper.
CryptoMapper Request mapper that encrypts urls generated by another mapper.
HomePageMapper A mapper that is used when a request to the home page ("/") is made
MountedMapper Encoder for mounted URL.
PackageMapper A request mapper that mounts all bookmarkable pages in a given package.
PageInstanceMapper Decodes and encodes the following URLs:
ParentPathReferenceRewriter Mapper that rewrites parent path segments (../) with the specified string and viceversa.
ResourceMapper A IRequestMapper to mount resources to a custom mount path maps indexed parameters to path segments maps named parameters to query string arguments or placeholder path segments sample structure of url
ResourceReferenceMapper Generic ResourceReference encoder that encodes and decodes non-mounted ResourceReferences.

Exception Summary
StalePageException Exception invoked when when stale link has been clicked.

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