Package org.apache.wicket.request.handler

Interface Summary
IComponentRequestHandler Request handler that works with a component.
IPageAndComponentProvider Extension of IPageProvider that is also capable of providing a Component belonging to the page.
IPageClassRequestHandler Request handler that works with page class.
IPageProvider Represents object capable of providing a page instance.
IPageRequestHandler Request handler that works with a page instance.

Class Summary
BookmarkableListenerInterfaceRequestHandler Request handler for bookmarkable pages with listener interface.
BookmarkablePageRequestHandler Request handler for bookmarkable pages.
BufferedResponseRequestHandler Handler that renders a BufferedWebResponse.
ComponentRenderingRequestHandler Request handler that renders a component
EmptyAjaxRequestHandler The empty AJAX request target does output an empty AJAX response.
EmptyRequestHandler Request handler that performs no work
ListenerInterfaceRequestHandler Request handler that invokes the listener interface on component and renders page afterwards.
PageAndComponentProvider Extension of PageProvider that is also capable of providing a Component belonging to the page.
PageProvider Provides page instance for request handlers.
RenderPageRequestHandler IRequestHandler that renders page instance.
TextRequestHandler Request target that responds by sending its string property.

Enum Summary
RenderPageRequestHandler.RedirectPolicy Determines whether Wicket does a redirect when rendering a page

Exception Summary
ComponentNotFoundException Exception thrown when component has not been found in hierarchy.
ListenerInvocationNotAllowedException Thrown when a listener invocation is attempted on a component or behavior that does not allow it.

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