Package org.apache.wicket.pageStore

Interface Summary
IDataStore Data stores are used to persist (read & write) Wicket page data to a persistent store like e.g.
IPageStore IPageStore role is to mediate the storing and loading of pages done by IDataStore s.

Class Summary
AsynchronousDataStore Facade for IDataStore that does the actual saving in worker thread.
DefaultPageStore The IPageStore that converts IManageablePage instances to DefaultPageStore.SerializedPages before passing them to the IDataStore to store them and the same in the opposite direction when loading DefaultPageStore.SerializedPage from the data store.
DefaultPageStore.SerializedPage A representation of IManageablePage that knows additionally the id of the http session in which this IManageablePage instance is used.
DiskDataStore A data store implementation which stores the data on disk (in a file system)
PageWindowManager Manages positions and size of serialized pages in the pagemap file.
PageWindowManager.PageWindow Public (read only) version of page window.

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