Package org.apache.wicket

The core Wicket package.


Interface Summary
IClusterable Wicket version of Serializable.
IComponentAwareEventSink A specialization of IEventSink that adds component as an additional parameter to the #onEvent(IEvent, Component) method.
IComponentSource Interface for objects that are capable of reconstructing a component.
IConverterLocator Locates the proper converter instance for a given type.
IDetachListener Listens to Component.detach() calls.
IEventDispatcher Delivers an event to a component.
IInitializer Initializes something when application loads.
IPageFactory A factory class that creates Pages.
IPageRendererProvider Interface for IContextProvider<PageRenderer, RenderPageRequestHandler>
IRedirectListener Request listener called on page redirects.
IRequestCycleProvider Provides instances of RequestCycle objects
IRequestListener Base interface for all interfaces that listen for requests from the client browser.
IResourceFactory A factory which creates resources for a given specification string.
IResourceListener Listens for requests regarding resources.

Class Summary
Application Base class for all Wicket applications.
AttributeModifier This class allows a tag attribute of a component to be modified dynamically with a value obtained from a model object.
Component Component serves as the highest level abstract base class for all components.
ConverterLocator Implementation of IConverterLocator interface, which locates converters for a given type.
DefaultExceptionMapper If an exception is thrown when a page is being rendered this mapper will decide which error page to show depending on the exception type and application configuration
DefaultMapperContext Wicket's default implementation for the mapper context
DefaultPageManagerProvider IPageManagerProvider implementation that creates new instance of IPageManager that persists the pages in DiskDataStore
Initializer Initializer for components in wicket core library.
Localizer A utility class that encapsulates all of the localization related functionality in a way that it can be accessed by all areas of the framework in a consistent way.
MarkupContainer A MarkupContainer holds a map of child components.
MetaDataEntry<T> Class used for holding meta data entries.
MetaDataKey<T> A key to a piece of metadata associated with a Component, Session or Application at runtime.
Page Abstract base class for pages.
PageReference Unique identifier of a page instance
RequestListenerInterface Base class for request listener interfaces.
Session Holds information about a user session, including some fixed number of most recent pages (and all their nested component information).
SharedResources Class which holds shared resources.
SystemMapper Mapper that encapsulates mappers that are necessary for Wicket to function.
ThreadContext Holds thread local state for Wicket data.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException Causes Wicket to interrupt current request processing and immediately redirect to an intercept page.
RestartResponseException Causes Wicket to interrupt current request processing and immediately respond with the specified page.
WicketRuntimeException Generic runtime exception subclass thrown by Wicket.

Package org.apache.wicket Description

The core Wicket package. The key core classes you will need to learn to do basic Wicket programming are:

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