Package org.apache.wicket.model

Core model support for Wicket components.


Interface Summary
IChainingModel<T> Models that implement this interface will support chaining of IModels.
IComponentAssignedModel<T> Models that wish to substitute themselves with a wrapper when they are bound to a component (either through IModel parameter in a constructor or via a call to Component.setDefaultModel(IModel)) should implement this interface.
IComponentInheritedModel<T> This is a marker interface for models that can be inherited from components higher in the hierarchy.
IDetachable Interface to logic for detaching transient information from a detachable model.
IModel<T> A IModel wraps the actual model Object used by a Component.
IModelComparator Implementations of this interface compare model object.
IObjectClassAwareModel<T> Interface implemented by model that can provide class of the model object.
IPropertyReflectionAwareModel<T> Optional interface implemented by models that are able to provide reflection information about object property they interact with.
IWrapModel<T> A marker interface that represents a model that serves as a wrapper for another.

Class Summary
AbstractPropertyModel<T> Serves as a base class for different kinds of property models.
AbstractReadOnlyModel<T> AbstractReadOnlyModel is an adapter base class for implementing models which have no detach logic and are read-only.
AbstractWrapModel<T> Simple base class for IWrapModel objects see IComponentAssignedModel or IComponentInheritedModel so that you don't have to have empty methods like detach or setObject() when not used in the wrapper.
ComponentDetachableModel<T> Quick detachable model that is implements the IComponentAssignedModel and the IModel interfaces.
ComponentModel<T> Quick model that is implements the IComponentAssignedModel and the IModel interfaces.
ComponentPropertyModel<T> A model that references a property by name on the current model of the component it is bound to.
CompoundPropertyModel<T> A simple compound model which uses the component's name as the property expression to retrieve properties on the nested model object.
LoadableDetachableModel<T> Model that makes working with detachable models a breeze.
Model<T extends Serializable> Model is the basic implementation of an IModel.
PropertyModel<T> A PropertyModel is used to dynamically access a model using a "property expression".
ResourceModel A model that represents a localized resource string.
StringResourceModel This model class encapsulates the full power of localization support within the Wicket framework.

Package org.apache.wicket.model Description

Core model support for Wicket components.

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