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 class AbstractDataGridView<T>
          Acts as a base for data-grid views.
 class DataGridView<T>
          Simple concrete implementation of AbstractDataGridView

Uses of RefreshingView in org.apache.wicket.markup.repeater

Subclasses of RefreshingView in org.apache.wicket.markup.repeater
 class AbstractPageableView<T>
          An abstract repeater view that provides paging functionality to its subclasses.

Methods in org.apache.wicket.markup.repeater that return RefreshingView
 RefreshingView<T> RefreshingView.setItemReuseStrategy(IItemReuseStrategy strategy)
          Sets the item reuse strategy.

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 class DataView<T>
          DataView is a basic implementation of AbstractPageableView.
 class DataViewBase<T>
          Base class for data views.
 class GridView<T>
          A pageable DataView which breaks the data in the IDataProvider into a number of data-rows, depending on the column size.

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