Class WicketLinkTagHandler

  extended by org.apache.wicket.markup.parser.AbstractMarkupFilter
      extended by org.apache.wicket.markup.parser.filter.WicketLinkTagHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:, IClusterable, IMarkupFilter, IComponentResolver

public class WicketLinkTagHandler
extends AbstractMarkupFilter
implements IComponentResolver

This is a markup inline filter. It identifies xml tags which include a href attribute and which are not Wicket specific components and flags these tags (ComponentTag) as autolink enabled. A component resolver will later resolve the href and assign a BookmarkablePageLink to it (automatically).

An application setting is used as default value, which might be modified for specific regions. These regions are identified by <wicket:link> tags with an optional 'autolink' attribute. The default value for the attribute is true, thus enabling autolinking. An open-close <wicket:link/> tag will change the autolink status until the end of the markup document or the next <wicket:link> tag respectively. <wicket:link> regions may be nested.

Juergen Donnerstag
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Field Summary
static java.lang.String AUTOLINK_ID
          The id of autolink components
static java.lang.String LINK
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  boolean analyzeAutolinkCondition(ComponentTag tag)
          Analyze the tag.
protected  MarkupElement onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag)
          Invoked when a ComponentTag was found.
 Component resolve(MarkupContainer container, MarkupStream markupStream, ComponentTag tag)
          Try to resolve a component.
 void setAutomaticLinking(boolean enable)
          Set the default value for autolinking
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public static final java.lang.String LINK
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public static final java.lang.String AUTOLINK_ID
The id of autolink components

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Constructor Detail


public WicketLinkTagHandler()

Method Detail


public void setAutomaticLinking(boolean enable)
Set the default value for autolinking

enable - if true, autolinks are enabled


protected final MarkupElement onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag)
                                      throws java.text.ParseException
Description copied from class: AbstractMarkupFilter
Invoked when a ComponentTag was found.

By default this method is also called for WicketTags.

Specified by:
onComponentTag in class AbstractMarkupFilter
Usually the same as the tag attribute


protected boolean analyzeAutolinkCondition(ComponentTag tag)
Analyze the tag. If return value == true, a autolink component will be created.

Subclass analyzeAutolinkCondition() to implement you own implementation and register the new tag handler with the markup parser through Application.newMarkupParser().

tag - The current tag being parsed
If true, tag will become auto-component


public Component resolve(MarkupContainer container,
                         MarkupStream markupStream,
                         ComponentTag tag)
Description copied from interface: IComponentResolver
Try to resolve a component.

Specified by:
resolve in interface IComponentResolver
container - The container parsing its markup
markupStream - The current markupStream
tag - The current component tag while parsing the markup
component or null if not found

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