Package org.apache.wicket.markup

Base package for markup.


Interface Summary
IMarkup Holds markup as a resource (the stream that the markup came from) and a list of MarkupElements (the markup itself).
IMarkupCache Each Wicket application has a single IMarkupCache associated with it (see IMarkupSettings ).
IMarkupCacheKeyProvider To be implemented by MarkupContainers that wish to implement their own algorithms for the markup cache key.
IMarkupFragment Any list of MarkupElements.
IMarkupResourceStreamProvider To be implemented by MarkupContainer which wish to implement their own algorithms for loading the markup resource stream.
MarkupCache.ICache<K,V> MarkupCache allows you to implement you own cache implementation.

Class Summary
AbstractMarkupParser This is a base MarkupParser specifically for (X)HTML.
ComponentTag A subclass of MarkupElement which represents a "significant" markup tag, such as a component open tag.
ContainerInfo Because Component has a reference to its parents, which eventually is the Page, keeping a "copy" of a component is very expensive.
DefaultMarkupCacheKeyProvider Wicket default implementation for the cache key used to reference the cached markup resource stream.
DefaultMarkupResourceStreamProvider Wicket default implementation for loading the markup resource stream associated with a MarkupContainer.
Markup The content of a markup file, consisting of a list of markup elements.
MarkupCache This is Wicket's default IMarkupCache implementation.
MarkupElement Base class for different kinds of markup elements.
MarkupFactory Factory to load markup either from cache or from a resource.
MarkupFragment Represents a portion of a markup file, but always spans a complete tag.
MarkupParser This is Wicket's default markup parser.
MarkupResourceStream An IResourceStream implementation with specific extensions for markup resource streams.
MarkupStream A stream of MarkupElements, subclasses of which are ComponentTag and RawMarkup.
MergedMarkup A Markup class which represents merged markup, as it is required for markup inheritance.
RawMarkup This class is for framework purposes only, which is why the class is (default) protected.
TagUtils Some utils to handle tags which otherwise would bloat the Tag AP.
WicketTag WicketTag extends ComponentTag and will be created by a MarkupParser whenever it parses a tag in the wicket namespace.

Exception Summary
MarkupException Runtime exception that is thrown when markup parsing fails.
MarkupNotFoundException Runtime exception that is thrown when markup file was not found.

Package org.apache.wicket.markup Description

Base package for markup.

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