Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.panel

Panel components.


Interface Summary
IMarkupSourcingStrategy Markup sourcing strategies determine whether a Component behaves like a "Panel" pulling its Markup from an associated Markup file, or like a Fragment pulling it from a another components Markup.

Class Summary
AbstractMarkupSourcingStrategy Implements boilerplate as needed by many markup sourcing strategies.
AssociatedMarkupSourcingStrategy Boilerplate for a markup sourcing strategy which retrieves the markup from associated markup files.
BorderMarkupSourcingStrategy The Border component's markup sourcing strategy
ComponentFeedbackPanel Convenience feedback panel that filters the feedback messages based on the component given in the constructor.
DefaultMarkupSourcingStrategy This is a no-op sourcing strategy implementing the default behavior for most components.
EmptyPanel Panel that does absolutely nothing and that can be used to display an empty block.
FeedbackPanel A panel that displays FeedbackMessages in a list view.
Fragment Usually you either have a markup file or a xml tag with wicket:id="myComponent" to associate markup with a component.
FragmentMarkupSourcingStrategy A markup sourcing strategy suitable for Fragment components.
GenericPanel<T> A Panel with typesafe getters and setters for the model and its underlying object
Panel A panel is a reusable component that holds markup and other components.
PanelMarkupSourcingStrategy The Panel components markup sourcing strategy.

Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.panel Description

Panel components.

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