Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html

Base package of HTML markup.


Interface Summary
IComponentAwareHeaderContributor An interface to be implemented by Behaviors or IAjaxCallDecorators that wish to contribute to the header section of the page.
IHeaderContributor An interface to be implemented by components or application level listeners that wish to contribute to the header section of the page.
IHeaderResponse Interface that is used to render header elements (usually javascript and CSS references).
IHeaderResponseDecorator Setting an IHeaderResponseDecorator on an application allows you to wrap any IHeaderResponse created by Wicket in a separate implementation that incrementally adds functionality to the IHeaderResponse that is used by all IHeaderContributor components or behaviors.
IPackageResourceGuard Guards lazily loaded package resources against unwanted access.

Class Summary
DecoratingHeaderResponse This is simply a helper implementation of IHeaderResponse that really delegates all of its method calls to the IHeaderResponse that is passed into the constructor.
GenericWebPage<T> A WebPage with typesafe getters and setters for the model and its underlying object
HeaderPartContainer For each wicket:head tag a HeaderPartContainer is created and added to the HtmlHeaderContainer which has been added to the Page.
MarkupUtil HTML5 helper
PackageResourceGuard Default implementation of IPackageResourceGuard.
SecurePackageResourceGuard This is a resource guard which by default denies access to all resources and thus is more secure.
SecurePackageResourceGuard.SimpleCache A very simple cache
TransparentWebMarkupContainer A simple "transparent" markup container.
WebComponent Base class for simple HTML components which do not hold nested components.
WebMarkupContainer A container of HTML markup and components.
WebPage Base class for HTML pages.
WicketEventReference Resource reference to wicket-event.js which is used to allow events via javascript

Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html Description

Base package of HTML markup.

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