Interface IMarkupResourceStreamProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultMarkupResourceStreamProvider, PageWithCustomLoading, VelocityPanel

public interface IMarkupResourceStreamProvider

To be implemented by MarkupContainer which wish to implement their own algorithms for loading the markup resource stream.

Since 1.5 you may also use Component.setMarkup() or getMarkup() to attach Markup to your component.

Note: IResourceStreamLocators should be used in case the strategy to find a markup resource is meant to be applied to ALL components of your application.

Note: See IMarkupCacheKeyProvider if you wish to implement your own cache key algorithm, which sometimes is useful when the MarkupContainer implements its own IMarkupResourceStreamProvider as well.

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Method Summary
 IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container, java.lang.Class<?> containerClass)
          Create a new markup resource stream for the container.

Method Detail


IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container,
                                        java.lang.Class<?> containerClass)
Create a new markup resource stream for the container.

Note: usually it will only called once, as the IResourceStream will be cached by MarkupCache.

container - The MarkupContainer which requests to load the Markup resource stream
containerClass - The container the markup should be associated with
A IResourceStream if the resource was found

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