Package org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tree.table

Interface Summary
IColumn Interface that represents a column in TreeTable.
IRenderable Interface for lightweight cell renders.
TreeTable.IRenderNodeCallback Callback for rendering tree node text.

Class Summary
AbstractColumn Convenience class for building tree columns.
AbstractColumnsView Common functionality for column views
AbstractPropertyColumn<T> Convenience class for building tree columns.
ColumnLocation This class represents location of a column in tree table.
ColumnLocation.Alignment Alignment of the column.
ColumnLocation.Unit Units.
PropertyRenderableColumn<T> Convenience class for creating non-interactive lightweight (IRenderable based) columns.
PropertyTreeColumn<T> Convenience class for building tree columns, i.e.
TreeTable TreeTable is a component that represents a grid with a tree.

Enum Summary
AbstractColumnsView.Position The position where to put the column.

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