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public interface IEventDispatcher

Delivers an event to a component. Developers can implement and register their dispatchers in IFrameworkSettings to create custom strategies for how events get delivered to components

Igor Vaynberg (ivaynberg)
See Also:
IEventSink, IComponentAwareEventSink

Method Summary
 void dispatchEvent(java.lang.Object sink, IEvent<?> event, Component component)
          Dispatches the even to the target component

Method Detail


void dispatchEvent(java.lang.Object sink,
                   IEvent<?> event,
                   Component component)
Dispatches the even to the target component

sink - the sink for the event. Sinks usually implement IEventSink or IComponentAwareEventSink. See the component parameter described below.
event -
component - provides context to the sink. Some sinks are owned by the component, eg Behaviors, and thus it is useful for them to have a reference to their owning component. If this method is not null the dispatcher should try to look for an alternative sink method which takes a component reference as an additional parameter, one such implementation is IComponentAwareEventSink.

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