Apache Wicket 6.6.0 released

The Apache Wicket PMC is proud to announce Apache Wicket 6.6.0!

This release marks the sixth minor release of Wicket 6. Starting with Wicket 6 we use semantic versioning for the future development of Wicket, and as such no API breaks are present in this release compared to 6.0.0.

New and noteworthy

wicket:for attribute for html label tags

While already available for some time, the wicket-1.5.xsd now contains a valid definition for the wicket:for attribute such that it

Can be used in HTML <label> element to automatically link it to a form element. The value of this attribute must have the same value of the form component’s wicket:id attribute.

So you can use the following markup:

<label wicket:for="someinput">Some label</label>
<input wicket:id="someinput" type="text">

Added a callback for an invalidated session

Session is extended with a life cycle event called onInvalidate(). This method is executed when the user session is invalidated either by explicit call to org.apache.wicket.Session#invalidate() or due to HttpSession expiration.

In case of session expiration this method is called in a non-worker thread, i.e. there are no thread locals exported for the Application, RequestCycle and Session. The Session is the current instance. The Application can be found by using Application#get(String). There is no way to get a reference to a RequestCycle.

Using this release

With Apache Maven update your dependency to (and don’t forget to update any other dependencies on Wicket projects to the same version):


Or download and build the distribution yourself, or use our convenience binary package

Upgrading from earlier versions

If you upgrade from 6.y.z this release is a drop in replacement. If you come from a version prior to 6.0.0, please read our Wicket 6 migration guide found at

Have fun!

— The Wicket team

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 6.6.0


  • WICKET-4723 - tracking id retrieved in AtmosphereBehavior#onRequest() is always 0
  • WICKET-4724 - the option name “maxRequests” is wrong in jquery.wicketatmosphere.js
  • WICKET-4926 - CheckGroupSelector does not work in nested forms in modal windows
  • WICKET-4984 - Update quickstart info for changed workflow in IntelliJ idea
  • WICKET-4990 - Problem using AutoCompleteBehavior with AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior(“onchange”)
  • WICKET-4998 - AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior(“onkeypress”) is triggered when Enter is used on autocomplete list
  • WICKET-5011 - Allow Select to work with non-equals objects
  • WICKET-5013 - Wicket Enclosure fails with more than one component
  • WICKET-5014 - Changes in WicketObjects.sizeof(final Serializable object) clashes with <header-contribution> in AjaxResponse
  • WICKET-5019 - Handling of NO_MINIFIED_NAME in PackageResourceReference#internalGetMinifiedName()
  • WICKET-5020 - InlineEnclosureHandler always uses “wicket” namespace
  • WICKET-5024 - Global ajax event for precondition is not called
  • WICKET-5027 - FormTester#getInputValue() does not support Select/SelectOption nor other custom components
  • WICKET-5029 - Palette does not allow to turn off localization
  • WICKET-5031 - Upgrade bootstrap to 2.3
  • WICKET-5035 - script tag with wicket:id does not throw exception if it was not added in the code
  • WICKET-5036 - Post Parameters are lost when continueToOriginalDestination() is called
  • WICKET-5040 - Session.exists() returns false when ThreadContext#session is not set to current session


  • WICKET-4444 - Add a callback to the Session which is called when the HttpSession is invalidated
  • WICKET-4861 - Making MultiFileUploadField use HTML5 multiple attr & remove confusing fakepath
  • WICKET-4945 - Wicket-atmosphere filters should be functions on AtmosphereResource
  • WICKET-4946 - Allow passing parameters to atmosphere JS
  • WICKET-5003 - Add wicket:for attribute in wicket.xsd
  • WICKET-5006 - Improve null display value in AbstractSingleSelectChoice
  • WICKET-5010 - Improve wicket-ajax.js to be able to work with jQuery 1.9+
  • WICKET-5016 - Updated Application_el.properties for 6.x
  • WICKET-5017 - BaseWicketTester#clickLink() doesn not serialize form to request for SubmitLink but does for AjaxSubmitLink
  • WICKET-5022 - Improve Application_es.properties
  • WICKET-5025 - Set the component as a context to the ajax listeners